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For more than 50 years, American cigar enthusiasts have coveted the unattainable treasures that were available on the island nation of Cuba. These treasures do not sparkle or shine, but are meticulously created by hand, using the finest tobaccos from the fertile soil of the famed Pinar del Rio region. With the recent easing of regulations regarding travel to Cuba, it is now possible to experience Cuba's tobacco-laden treasures, along with its resilient people, culture and history. You'll get a glimpse of Cuba that few will experience, at a price much more palatable than you'd find at traditional agencies catering to large tour groups. This is a highly personalized experience, catering to cigar enthusiasts who share their passion and appreciation for the cigar lifestyle and have a desire to learn about tobacco growing and cigars. We welcome you to experience Cuba with us!

Highlights of our Cuban Educational, Cultural and People to People Exchanges

Day Trip to a Tobacco Plantation in Pinar de Rio
Tour Havana in Restored American Classic Cars
Enjoy Cigars at La Casa del Habanos Lounges
Meet Important Tobacco Growers & Cigar Rollers 
Learn Cigar Making at La Corona Cigar Factory
Experience a Variety of Unique Cuban Cuisine

It would be our pleasure to introduce you to Cuba, it's culture, resilient people and cigars with our, unique, personal touch.

We don't simply book your Cuba tour, wave goodbye and tell you to enjoy yourself. We'll be accompanying you on

the trip, introducing you to cigar industry legends, visiting interesting places with you.... one smooth draw at a time!

Nick Syris 

Cigar Tours to Cuba

Specializing in Educational, Cultural and People to People Exchanges to Cuba

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