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About Us

Cigar Tours to Cuba is a division of Smooth Draws, LLC.  Other entities under the  Smooth Draws umbrella include our own cigar lifestyle radio show, called the Smooth Draws Radio Show, as well as Smooth Draws Cigar Tours, specializing in tours to Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Smooth Draws, LLC is owned and operated by Gary "Doc" Laden and Nick Syris (you can read about the pair below).  

Nick Syris

Nick Syris is truly a cigar "rennaisance man" possessing a cigar knowledge that is beyond compare. He has learned the art of tobacco growing and cigarmaking throughout the globe. He has traveled to Cuba on more than 60 occasions. He became one of the founding members of the first private social cigar club in Havana since the revolution. With more than 100 members from throughout the globe, the club boasts members ranging from ambassadors from various embassies (including the US embassy) to key Cuban figures - basically a "who’s who" of the cigar industry in Havana. Nick achieved the designation of "Master” and is a graduate of the Habanos Academia. He is also a Certified Retail Tobacconist. Nick is one of the most knowledgeable people in the cigar industry and his experience in the cigar industry - from seed to finished cigar - is without equal. We are happy to have him providing his expertise as a host on the Smooth Draws Radio Show. With his knowledge and passion for cigars and his wealth of contacts throughout the cigar industry, Nick adds greatly to the show and is simply a fantastic Cuba Cigar Tour host.

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