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The Smooth Draws Radio Show enjoys connecting with our Followers on Social Media, for you deserve the credit for any success we might be achieving with our program! We thank you! We’ve recently partnered with cigar, spirits and wine expert Val Bradshaw, aka @CigarHerf, to coordinate a Twitter feed every Saturday during our show, live from NOON - 2 PM ET. Join hundreds, if not thousands, of avid cigar enthusiasts each week to discuss the cigars being mentioned on the show, our special guests, events or simply Tweet your opinion of what cigar you’re currently enjoying. It’s basically a big cigar party every Sunday and we welcome your participation.


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While the roots of the word “herf” are uncertain, it is believed the term was first used during the 1990’s by members of what was then known as a “Cigar Newsgroup.” “Herf” refers to getting together to smoke cigars and can replace the word “smoke” as in “We Herf every Saturday.”  There have been “Flash Herfs” in various cities across the country, where a group of cigar lovers select a random spot to gather and light up and enjoy their cigars at the same time. You’ll see the term “herf” used whenever a group of cigar lovers want to get a group together to smoke either a specific cigar, or a cigar of their choice.  It’s all about bringing cigar enthusiasts together to enjoy and talk about their favorite cigars.

So grab a cigar and join the herf and follow @SmoothDrawsRadio and @CigarHerf every Saturday, from 11 AM - 5 PM ET, using the hashtag #CigarHerf on Twitter. We'd love for you to add your comments or read what the rest of our cigar-loving followers who are participating in the herf are saying while listening to the show. We'd like your ears tuning in to the show and your eyes following almost a play-by-play of the show topics - ranging from the cigars we mention, the guests on the show and our event promotions. We even have cigars and cigar related swag to award the best Tweets. We'll see you on Saturday. Smooth draws, everyone!



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