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Matthew Machtay (North Carolina): "The trip could not of been any better. Nick was a great host and really knows his way around the island. The weather, cigars, rum, food, and sights were all tremendous. The Cuban people were wonderful and it was very interesting place to visit. I cannot wait to go back!"

Robert Kennedy (Managing Partner, Charred Oak Bourbon): "If you are looking to go to Cuba for an awesome cigar experience you MUST go Smooth Draws Cigar Tours! It was awesome! Nick and Doc will be your guides and, trust me, you don't want to go with anyone else. These guys are deeply entrenched in the Cuban cigar scene and they know who to visit and where to go. I went with my brother, John and others from the Charred Oak Bourbon Company. It was unbelievable! Everything from the food, to the accommodations and who to see was so much more than was anticipated and it was truly an unbelievable experience, not to mention the price! The people we met and the sites we visited where more than I had hoped for. If you want to do a cigar trip to Cuba, you must go with Smooth Draws. If you use anyone else your wasting your money!"

John Kimmel (Virginia): "Everything about the Cuba trip was excellent. It was obvious that Nick knows his way around Cuba and that he knows tobacco and cigars. It was great to get behind the scenes and meet so many master rollers. There is something special about being handed a freshly rolled cigar on the spot and enjoying it with Cuban rum or coffee. The trip to Pinar del Rio was the highlight of the trip. I learned so much that day and enjoyed the peaceful farm setting and lunch. I can't wait to go on my next Smooth Draws adventure."

Mike Adams (Illinois): "I really enjoyed the plantation and learning about the tobacco growing process, from start to finish. It was so interesting to see just how many hands are involved in the tobacco growning and cigar making process."


William Cooper (Of Cigar-Coop and Stogie Geek fame): "The trip exceeded my expectations! Nick and Doc have connections inside the cigar industry that introduced me to cigars that very few could have access to."


Stan Weaver (Owner Prohibition SpeakEasy Atlanta, GA): "The culture, the history, the people, the informative guides, the cigars, this trip was everything Nick and Doc said it would be... and more!"


Tom Maughn (Florida): "I have never had a better trip to Latin America, be it a cigar tour or vacation. Every day revealed interesting people, great cigars, culture and those American classic cars!"


Monty Crown (Maryland): "Each brought something new and something to learn. The accommodations, food and cigars were wonderful! Doc and Nick made sure the group thoroughly enjoyed themselves."


Gregg Johnson (California): "Nick and Doc were great about special, personal touches, from reserving the patio in advance at the Hotel Nacional for our group to enjoy a cigar and cocktail, to the special treatment at the Casa del Habanos."


Damon Raque (Georgia): "The trip was absolutely fantastic! With Nick's deep connections in the Cuban cigar industry, we had special access to the cigar scene like few others!"


Janett Dugan (Virginia): "Although I was a non cigar enthusiast along on the trip with my husband Dennis, I found the culture, history and the cigar making process extremely informative and we enjoyed the trip immensley."


Carr Scott (Georgia): "Nick and Gary, What a great time! It was money very well spend from my perspective and was a total success. I can't wait for my return trip in a few months!"

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