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"Hangman" is the producer of the Smooth Draws Radio Show, handling overall show production, on-demand show fullfillment and producing and inserting our "bits" into each broadcast. His most important role is keeping the show on the tracks. Although originally from Lafayette, Lousiana, the personable "Cajun" has quickly adapted to the more fast pace lifestyle of Atlanta. He has even lost some of his Cajun accent and people no longer mistake him for Bobby Boucher aka "The Water Boy!" He also has many roles at Dickey Broadcasting and Cumulus Media stations, including being the producer of the popular "The Kimmer Show" for News Radio 106.7; Host/Studio Producer at 680 The Fan in Atlanta for Friday Night Football and Locker Room Reporter for Georgia Tech Football. Chad likes his cigars medium in body and full flavored in taste and enjoys them with a glass of small batch bourbon.

John Sands is the official photographer of the Smooth Draws Radio Show. He specializing in Lifestyle and Event Photography. John has extensive experience photographing various events in and around the Atlanta area including shooting for the Atlanta Opera, National Business Aviation Association, Atlanta Film Festival and Knights of Wine Society. In addition, John’s work has been featured in several issues of Cigar Luxe Magazine and The Loop Magazine as well as work on projects for various independent film and television productions. Shooting under the brand of Shutter Sexy Photography, John takes great pleasure capturing - photographically - events that feature the cigar lifestyle including Mike “Cigar Mike” Bennett’s Events, La Femme Cigar Society, Metro Atlanta Scotch Society and several cigar shops and lounges. In addition to Lifestyle and Event photography, John is also available for Head Shots, Product and Architectural photography. For more information:


Valerie Bradshaw aka @Cigarherf is the director of our social media. Val also handles the live "Cigar Herfs" for the Smooth Draws Radio Show on Twitter every Saturday, coinciding with the broadcasting of our show. She has a long history in cigars, wine & whisky. Val has been actively involved in the cigar industry for the better part of a decade. She established the the Daniel Marshall Humidor business in Canada, attending and conducting seminars at numerous trade shows & cigar festivals including IPCPR & Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke Vegas. Valerie is a member of the Guild of Sommeliers, Society of Wine Educators and has successfully completed the Advanced Certificate from Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Val is a respected Wine & Spirit educator with accreditation by the Spanish Wine Academy and Wine & Flavors seminars conducted by Alexandre Schmitt. Val is a life-time member of Cigar Rights of America. 


Adam is the associate producer of the Smooth Draws Radio Show staff. Although a young lad early in his college career, he possesses a maturity of a man in his 40's. We guess that's good! We always question him if he's sure his parents will allow him to hang out with Doc, Nick  and "The Burner" because of their corrupting influence (he is too young to drink and probably wouldn't anyway). Adam assists Chad, our executive producer, performs research for the show and, on certain occasions, will answer the calls from our listeners. He has just begun his journey into the world of cigars and this started before meeting the Smooth Draws hosts, so we cannot be blamed for that! Despite his infancy in the cigar lifestyle, he is a fast learner and is absorbing everything we can throw at him - including all the free swag cigars he gets from us! Adam is majoring in political science and we believe with his level of maturity and the good looks of a celebrity, he's very likely to become a politician. 




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