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Cigars for Warriors is an organization, launched in 2012, whose top priority is collecting, packaging and shipping premium cigars and accessories to American service-members serving in recognized, active combat zones (air, land and sea). The mental health benefits of a premium cigar are immeasurable for our brave troops, especially when you considere the fact that cigars are the #1 requested item by our soldiers.

It is our way to honor, show respect and thank our military who put it all on the line for us every day. Cigars for Warriors has received requests from many soldiers who have no one in the U.S. to send care packages to them and who would otherwise receive nothing. This mission that we have undertaken is one of great importance, as we know that some of these fine men and women would not be able to enjoy well-deserved moments of reassurance and relaxation without the generosity of sponsors and individual donors.

Please join the Smooth Draws Radio Show in supporting the Cigars for Warriors project and our endeavor to send love, honor, and respect — one cigar at a time to those whose sacrifices never end. We are in need of cigars, cutters, lighters, water pillows, travel humidors etc.. We are working continuously to fill the requests and we would like to thank everyone for their generous support and donations.

Please send your donations of cigars, lighters, cutters, cigar cases, travel humidors, humidification devices to:
Cigars for Warriors

c/o Smooth Draws Radio Show

3605 Sandy Plains Road

Suite 240-147

Marietta, GA 30066


Please provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail in your package. 


The Smooth Draws Radio Show Sincerely Thanks You!

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